(Nobody's) Everybody's Business

 Nobody’s Everybody’s Business is an insight into us as temporary and permanent collectives and communities, the power of us in groups, alongside the notion and embodiment of change. The work draws upon past and present acts of activism, combining them and switching in between, without zooming in on any particular movement. Each element of the performance stands as a symbol that can be read in direct or indirect ways, bringing attention to the importance of us as a society, community and collective.


Performers: Ilaria Ignesti, Paula Jankowska, Roberto Cherubini, Ting-Ning Wen

Design: Jee Hyeon Rosa Wang

Sound: Sample sounds of Nicola L. Hein overlapped with live recording of Notes for Change, soundscape by Lier Chen overlapped with clips from Distraction Pieces podcast and interviews with Julian Neuhauser and Savannah Whaley

Production and lighting: Bernadette Ward

Premiered: 19/07/2019 Bonnie Bird Theatre, London