First commissioned for the Footprint Dance Festival, 'Tag' was originally performed as a site-specific piece in the grounds of Roehampton University. Adapted for the stage, it came to Resolution 2017 as an extended piece that explores the physicality and diversity of the playground behaviours of childhood and  this time look into its relashionship with our experiences as adults.

See the world once more through the eyes of a child. 'Tag' allows the dancers to be as competitive, creative and playful as we all were as children, and asks you what are you missing, what is that you reach for and who manipulates you?

“Tag is our second piece, and we are launched straight into frenetic action, consistent running to and fro and a youthful energy shared amongst the six dancers jumping and reaching. Light- hearted, we are treated to a few laughs here and there as they blow each other about, encroach on each other’s space and clamber from body to ground and back. “


Dancers: Kayleigh Atkinson, Cecilia Berghäll,Nick Herman,Edurne Ruiz de Alegria , Angeliki Theodorou, Holly Wilmot                           

Photography: Lidia Crisafulli         

Light design: Kieron Johnson